Abstracts of General Practice

Enya F. Fullston,  Michael J. Doyle,  Mary F. Higgins &  Susan J. Knowles 

Clinical impact of rapid polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for group B Streptococcus (GBS) in term women with ruptured membranes


E. Sexton, D. Bedford

GP supply, deprivation and emergency admission to hospital for COPD and diabetes complications in counties across Ireland: an exploratory analysis


Keywords Ambulatory-care sensitive conditions – Hospital discharges – Ireland – Primary care – Chronic disease – Geographical variation

A. S. Ciblis, M.-L. Butler, A. L. W. Bokde, P. G. Mullins, J. P. McNulty

The use of neuroimaging in dementia by Irish general practitioners


Keywords Dementia – General practice – Diagnosis – Neuroimaging – Access

J. C. Oosthuizen, D. McShane, J. Kinsella, B. Conlon

General practitioner ENT referral audit


Lorna Kerin, Diarmuid Lynch, Fiona McNicholas

Participatory development of a patient–clinician communication tool to enhance healthcare transitions for young people with 22q11.2

Niall Byrne, Jacqueline Turner, Rita Marron, Deborah M. Lambert, Daniel N. Murphy, Grace O’Sullivan, Maureen Mason, Frank Broderick, Mary C. Burke, Sheila Casey, Marguerite Doyle, David Gibney, Fergus Mason, David Molony, Deirdre Ormond, Colm O’ Sé, Conor O’Shea, Eileen P. Treacy

The role of primary care in management of rare diseases in Ireland

Open Access

Peter E. Lonergan, Jamie Logan, Sean Diver, Colette Nugent, Ita Hegarty, Oliver Plunkett, Kenneth Mealy, John M. Hyland, Deborah A. McNamara, Eamonn Rogers

Does clinical validation and the implementation of new models of outpatient service delivery have the potential to reduce waiting lists? A pilot study in Letterkenny University Hospital

Rachel Wallace, Elaine Greene

Survey of NCHDs in Ireland to assess their views and opinions in relation to participation in health research and the impact of new Irish data protection regulations