Conway Review Lecture 1979

18/09/1979 in Queen

Roderick P. Kernan, Department of Physiology, University College, Dublin 2.

Sources of Electrical Potential Across Membranes

RP Kernan: I am honoured to have been invited to give the Conway Review Lecture and it is a particular pleasure for me to have the opportunity to say something initially about that distinguished scientist with whom I worked closely for 15 years.¬†When I first joined him in 1951 as a freshly graduated student of biochemistry he was at the peak of his career. His first paper had appeared in 1922, so he had about 30 years of fruitful research behind him and was recognised internationally for his achievements. His work covered a very broad field ranging from practical matters in microdiffusion technique (Conway, 1962) to the theoretical in the evolution of the ocean (Conway, 1943). At an early period he had also done some important research on transport in the kidney (Conway et al, 1937), (Conway et al, 1946) which would be better reviewed by Professor O. Fitzgerald or Professor D. K. O’Donovan, who worked with him about that time.

Irish J Med Sci. , 149:137