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The Fellowship and Membership of the Academy are open to registered medical practitioners and persons interested in the science and practice of medicine and allied subjects including biomedical sciences. Members are bound to respect the Rules of the Academy.  Fellows of the Academy enjoy the full rights of the Academy. They are eligible for all offices and to vote in all elections. After 5 years of continuous membership, Members are eligible to be elected as Fellows by General Council, but no Member may continue as a Member longer than seven years after which s/he must submit /her/his name for consideration for election to Fellowship.  Fellows and Members shall pay an annual subscription. Students must be registered for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or equivalent as determined by General Council. Student members shall be invited to apply for full Membership within one year of graduation.

Subscription per year (Jan – Dec)

Fellows €95; Retired Fellows €60; Members €75; NCHD €50; SHO €50; SpR €50; Interns €50; Postdoctoral Fellowship €30; Postgraduate Students €20; Undergraduate Students €10 Please note if you are undertaking a postgraduate part-time course and working as an SHO/NCHD/SpR/Intern then you must not apply for postgraduate membership.  Click here for full membership criteria

Applicants for Student Membership (under or postgraduate) must produce a copy of their student membership card.



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