The Academy of Medicine was formed over 100 years ago. Prior to this there had been medical societies; each catering for a different branch of medicine but they overlapped one another. For many years wide-ranging discussions had been held on how best to bring these bodies together so that they would have the advantage of union yet

preserve their independence. In the event a solution was found. In November 1882 in the Royal College of Surgeons an Academy was formed by the amalgamation of the four main medical societies - the Dublin Society of Surgeons, the Medical Society of the College of Physicians, the Pathological Society and the Dublin Obstetrical Society.

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Ophthalmology Section Meeting, Friday, 24th November 2017

24/11/2017 1:00pm in Chartered Accountants House, 47, Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Biomedical Sciences Section Annual Meeting, Thursday 22nd June 2017

22/06/2017 9:30am in The Tercentenary Lecture Theatre, Level 2, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, TCD, Dublin 2

Dinner at Biomed Sci Meeting, Thursday 22nd June 2017

22/06/2017 8:00pm in Quay 16 Restaurant, Quay 16, N Wall Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1

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