Lectures & RAMI Research Awards

The Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland holds several annual lectures.  Here is a brief summary:

Annual Presidential Lectures

In September 2015 the annual Presidential Lectures were re-introduced.  Professor Desmond O'Neill presented his lecture.

Conway Review Lecture

The Conway Review Lecture is organised mainly by the Section of Biomedical Sciences (originally the Biological Sciences Section).  It commemorates Edward J. Conway F.R.S., one time Professor of Biochemistry in University College, Dublin.  The subject of the lecture can come from a wide field in the biological sciences and is given usually at the summer meeting of the Section.  The lecturer receives the Academy silver medal.

Donal Burke Lecture

The Donal Burke Memorial Lecture organised by the Section of  General Practice is held in honour of a very well known general practitioner.  An Academy silver medal is awarded to the lecturer.

Graves Lecture

The Annual Graves Lecture sponsored by the Academy is delivered each year in the spring depending on the availability of the lecturer. The lecture commemorates Robert Graves, the eminent Dublin physician and it is designed to encourage and promote research in Ireland.  The lecturer is selected by the RAMI Executive with nominations considered from the Academy's various Section Presidents/Secretaries. The subject of the lecture must be of clinical interest embodying original research.  The lecturer receives the Academy’s silver medal.

Haughton Lecture 

The Haughton Lecture in honour of the Rev. Samuel Haughton is organised by the Section of Bioengineering and an Academy silver medal is awarded to the lecturer.

St. Luke’s Lecture

The St. Luke’s Lecture is sponsored by the Academy and Saint Luke’s Hospital.  This lecture is in the field of oncology and is usually delivered in the winter. The same conditions apply to this lecture as to the Graves Lecture.  The lecturer is selected by an Academy/Saint Luke’s committee and receives the silver medal.

St. Luke’s Young Investigator's Award

The St. Luke’s Young Investigators Award was established in 2004.  Young oncology researchers may apply through the submission of an abstract together with an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.  The presentations precede the main St. Luke's Lecture and the event is held in the winter months.

RAMI Research Awards

The first RAMI Research Awards event was held in November 2016.  The awards are open to all those involved in Irish medical research who have had a clinical research paper published in an indexed journal.  The papers must appear on PubMed.