Conway Review Lecture 1981

14/09/1981 in University College Galway

James A. Houghton, Department of Microbiology, University College, Galway

The Study of Chromosome Non-Disjunction in Man

JA Houghton: It is a very great honour and a pleasure to have been invited to present the Conway Review Lecture at this meeting in Galway. I am very conscious that in presenting this lecture we commemorate one of Ireland’s foremost and most gifted scientists. E. J. Conway F.R.S., who died in 1968, had a long and distinguished career. His scientific investigations covered a very broad field of achievement and included his important studies on transport in the kidney (Conway et al, 1937; Conway et al, 1946);  the transport of cations across biological membranes and the development of micro-diffusion techniques (Conway, 1957). He also studied the biochemistry of gastric acid secretion (Conway, 1953) and was the author of a pioneering paper on the chemical evolution of the ocean (Conway, 1943). Professor Conway also played an important role in Irish scientific education. He was responsible for the establishment of the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology in U.C.D. in 1932 and he guided its subsequent growth and development. Many of today’s leading Irish scientists studied in his department and participated in his many and varied research programmes.

So, today we honour E. J. Conway and in doing so, we recognize the significant contribution he made to science and education and we acknowledge the debt owed by all of us working in scientific research in Ireland to his guidance and example.

Irish J Med Sci , 150:357