St. Luke’s Lecture 1977

12/09/1977 in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Dr. Gordon M. Mullins.

Tumour immunity and immunotherapy

The occurrence of tumour associated antigens and of anti-tumour immune responses is discussed. Studies of immune reactivity of family members of patients with acute leukaemia are presented. Eight of 9 HL-A identical siblings reacted against patients’ leukaemic blast┬ácells in mixed leucocyte culture. Evidence of pre-sensitisation of family members of patients to leukaemic antigens was found using migration inhibition and lymphocyte cytocoxicity assays. The findings in family members were compatible with a viral aetiology in acute leukaemia. A serum antibody cytotoxic to lymphoblastic leukaemia cells was identified in 3 normal individuals. In a study of cellular immune responses in bladder carcinoma, 12 of 25 patients reacted to KCl tumour extracts. The various forms of immunotherapy available are discussed. Results of bone marrow transplantation in acute leukaemia are reviewed. Areas for study in tumour immunology are summarised.

Irish Journal of Medical Science December 1978, Volume 147, Issue 1, pp 291-300

This being┬áthe third St. Luke’s Lecture since its beginnings in 1975.