Biomedical Science_A celebration of Claude Bernard_Wednesday 19th June 2013

19/06/2013 in Brookfield Health Sciences Complex G01, University College Cork

On the constancy of the internal environment – A celebration of Claude Bernard
The Department of Physiology, UCC is hosting a symposium to mark the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of the birth of Claude Bernard.

Venue: Brookfield Health Sciences Complex G01, University College Cork
Date: Wednesday June 19th 2013
9.10am Welcome
9.15am James Jones, University College Dublin
The legacy of Claude Bernard

9.45am Prem Kumar, University of Birmingham
Making sense of normoxia: modulation of carotid body chemosensitivity by mitochondrial inhibition

10.30am Lucy Green, University of Southampton
Fetal cardiovascular adaptive responses to undernutrition

11.15am Tea/Coffee

11.45am Ashley Blackshaw, Queen Mary, University of London
Visceral sensory function in health and disease

12.30pm Lunch

2.00pm Keynote Lecture
Julian Paton, University of Bristol
The respiratory basis of cardiovascular disease

3.00pm Rising Stars
Daniel Ulrich, Trinity College Dublin
Sleep and learning – a homeostatic process.

Michelle Roche, National University of Ireland, Galway
Glia: the glue that links depression and pain

Dervla O’Malley, University College Cork
Glucagon-like peptide 1: a potential role in functional bowel

4.00pm Tea/Coffee

4.30pm Intervarsity Undergraduate Prize in Physiology Competition
Undergraduate representatives from UCD, TCD, NUIG and UCC.

Claude Bernard Symposium Flyer