Biomedical Sciences Section Annual Meeting, June 2008

23/06/2008 in Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk

Presenter of the Conway Review Lecture 2008 Professor J. Oliver Dolly, DCU
‘Therapeutics for normalising exocytosis via SNARE and K+ channel targets’

This will be a two day meeting, Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th June 2008

Tuesday 24th June 2008 (morning only)
Research Symposium – ‘Age-related decline in function: multiple challenges in multiple systems’

Four Speakers:

Kay Ohlendieck, NUI Maynooth
‘Proteomic profiling of age-related skeletal muscle degeneration’

Joseph Harbison, TCD
‘The nature and associations of post-stroke fatigue’

Alice Stanton, RCSI
‘Vascular dysfunction: novel clinical measurement techniques’

Áine Kelly, TCD
‘Age-related decline in hippocampal function: mechanisms & neuroprotective strategies’

Section Secretary: Dr. Áine Kelly, Department of Physiology, Trinity College Dublin