Biomedical Sciences Section Annual Meeting, Wednesday, 3rd February, 2021

03/02/2021 in Online

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Call for Abstracts
Closing date is 16/12/2020

Section of Biomedical Sciences Annual Meeting 2021  including Donegan Medal, Barcroft Medal Competitions and the Conway Review Lecture

Deadline for Abstracts: Wednesday 16th December 2020 by 3pm
Decision on Speakers: Wednesday 13th January 2021 by 5pm
ONLINE REGISTRATION at 08.30am on Wednesday 3rd February 2021
There are four categories to select from – Oral Communication; Poster Presentation; Donegan Medal Competition or Barcroft Early Career Award. Please name your word document “Biomedical,Category,Last name” e.g. Biomedical, Donegan, O’Halloran.doc or Biomedical, Poster, Jackson.doc  Word format only, NO pdf’s
Abstracts submitted for Oral presentation may be selected for Poster presentation if they cannot be accommodated within the oral communication programme. Oral Communications must not exceed 10 (ten) minutes; up to 5 (five) minutes question time is allowed. There will be a maximum number of 5 (five) Donegan Communications and 5 (five) Early Career Award Communications in any one year. Finalists will be selected by a subcommittee of the Section Council). 
Acceptance of the abstract for publication in the Irish Journal of Medical Science is at the discretion of the Section Secretary and Council Members in keeping with the guidelines stated above. You must indicate when submitting your abstracts if you wish to have the abstract considered for publication. All abstracts submitted in award categories must be considered for publication. Authors can choose not to have their abstract published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science. There is a select option when submitting for the Irish J Med Sci publication.
If the Section Secretary or Council members note deficiencies in the submitted abstract, the authors may be requested to amend the abstract prior to the Meeting and the amended abstract must be sent to the Section Secretary prior to the Meeting. You can submit as many abstracts as you wish, those selected to present MUST be a RAMI Member, (if you are not a RAMI member when submitting your abstracts(s) please use 1234 for RAMI ID). Join RAMI here
Please view Template before commencing work on your abstract.
Dr Katherine Howell, BSc Physiology Programme Co-Ordinator, Head of Teaching and Learning Physiology, Lecturer in Medicine, Teaching Fellow, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Room S066, Conway Institute, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4 (Section President)
Dr. Jeffrey Glennon, Ad Astra Fellow / Assistant Professor & Senior Conway Fellow, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Room S065, Conway Institute for Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4(Section Secretary)  Email: