Dermatology & Rheumatology Combined Sections Meeting, April 1988

08/04/1988 in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Combined Section Meeting: DERMATOLOGY and RHEUMATOLOGY

Presidents : Dr. Sarah Rogers, Dr. Ciaran Barry

The Section of Dermatology held a joint meeting with the Section of Rheumatology on Friday, April 8th. The President of the Section of Dermatology, Dr. Sarah Rogers, was in the chair. Dr. Louise Barnes spoke on the cutaneous aspects of Lupus Erythematosis and illustrated her lecture with fine examples of the varied clinical presentations of the many subjects of this disease in the skin. In addition she reviewed the significance of the Lupus Band Test and outlined the management of Lupus as practised by the dermatologist. Dr. Barry Bresnihan then reviewed the various serologic tests utilised in Lupus Erythematosis and their clinical signifcance. He discussed neonatal Lupus and Lupus during pregnancy with case histories to illustrate the problems encountered in these clinical situations. The meeting was very well attended with dermatologists and rheumatologists from Belfast and Cork in addition to their Dublin colleagues. A lively discussion followed the speakers’ excellent presentations and it was generally agreed that the format of a joint meeting had been a great success and should be repeated in the coming season.

Following the meeting a wine and cheese reception (sponsored by Steifil Laboratories) was held in the College.