Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine Section, 2021 Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal Meeting, Thursday 28th October 2021

28/10/2021 in MS Teams

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Call for Abstracts
Closing date is 07/10/2021

Preliminary round: Thursday, October 28th, 2021.  Time 10:30 am Venue: MS Teams.

 Final round: Pre-conference session of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) online meeting, November 10th, 2021.

 Abstracts are invited for the 2021 Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal Meeting. The abstracts will be shortlisted and 5-8 will be selected for presentation virtually at the preliminary round on Thursday, October 28th, 2021. This year, the three top scoring papers will be selected by the judges for presentation at a pre-conference session of the EUPHA meeting on November 10th, 2021, where the overall winner of the 2021 Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal will be announced.

The Bronze Medal in Epidemiology was first awarded by the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland’s Section of Epidemiology and Public Health in 1983 to promote the recognition and dissemination of research in epidemiology. The prize is presented annually to the best oral presentation of work of epidemiological and /or public health interest by a person in a training post. Over the years this medal has been won by many of those currently prominent in public health in Ireland, and is a well-recognised marker of distinction in epidemiology.

In 1998, the name of the medal was changed to the Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal, in commemoration of Dr Jacqueline Horgan, late of the Department of Public Health Medicine and Epidemiology in UCD. This was done in recognition of the great contribution that she had made to public health and epidemiology in Ireland in her lifetime.

The competition for the medal is by submission of an abstract of work of epidemiological and /or public health interest by a person in a training post. Abstracts are reviewed, and between five and eight may be chosen for a 10-minute oral presentation at a special Bronze Medal meeting. The competition is judged on the basis of scientific merit of the work presented, its importance to public health, and on the quality of the presentation. Selection for presentation at the meeting is prestigious and provides an opportunity to present epidemiological work to one’s peers. All doctors and other professionals training in the fields of epidemiology or public health are encouraged to enter this competition.

Closing date Friday, October 7th, 2021, by 15:00 (3:00 pm)

Please follow the guidelines for the abstract below.

 Abstract structure:

A descriptive title in capital letters

The initials and surname of the author(s) without titles or degrees should appear below the title.

The department(s), institution(s) and city(ies)/town(s) should be listed next.

The abstract must not exceed 250 words – excluding the title, author(s) name(s), address(es), and any references.

The abstract should be of the informative type containing four (4) paragraphs but without any subtitles or paragraph headings.

Specify the purpose of the study and include a brief background statement.

Outline the methods used, for example study design, study population, statistical test(s).

Summarise the results of the study and include key statistical data.

Outline the main implication(s) of the study. It is not satisfactory, for example, to state: “Results will be discussed”.

The text should be single-spaced and the font size of the text should be no smaller than 10 point.

The abstract must have no more than one table. Figures are not allowed.

When using abbreviations, spell out the full name on first mention. Avoid excessive use of abbreviations.

Up to two references in the Vancouver style can be included.

If for publication, the abstract must not have been published elsewhere in abstract or other form.

 Please Note:

Shortlisted abstracts will be published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science (IJMS), subject to editorial approval, unless otherwise indicated. This does not prevent you publishing a full paper on your study elsewhere, as long as you refer to the abstract in your paper. Publication of an abstract in a peer reviewed journal such as the IJMS can be referred to in your CV.

If you are selected to present at the preliminary round of this Medal Competition, you must be a member of RAMI, which you can join online at  Membership Application

If you are selected for the final round, you must register for the EUPHA conference. There is no charge for this pre-conference session, at which the top three speakers from the preliminary meeting will repeat their presentations and after which the 2021 winner of the Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal Competition will be announced.