Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine Section, Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal Meeting, Thurs 22nd Nov 2018

22/11/2018 in The Dun Library, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Register by 21/11/2018
Cost €45 Public / €20 Members

Abstracts are invited for the 2018 Jacqueline Horgan Bronze Medal Meeting.

Venue: The Dun Library, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Closing date Thursday 25th October 2018 by close of business. Please follow the guidelines in the structure below.

Abstract structure

A descriptive title in capital letters.

The initials and surname of the author(s) without titles or degrees should appear below the title.

The department(s), institution(s) and city(ies)/town(s) should be listed next.

The abstract should be of the informative type containing four (4) paragraphs but without any subtitles or paragraph headings.

Specify the purpose of the study and include a brief background statement.

Outline the methods used, for example study design, study population, statistical test(s).

Summarise the results of the study and include key statistical data.

Outline the main implication(s) of the study. It is not satisfactory, for example, to state: “results will be discussed”.

The abstract must not exceed 250 words – excluding the title, author(s) name(s), address(es), and any references.

The text should be single spaced and the font size of the text should be no smaller than 10 point.

The abstract should have no more than one table. Figures are not allowed.

When using abbreviations, spell out the full name on first mention. Avoid excessive use of abbreviations.

Up to two references in the Vancouver style can be included.

If for publication, the abstract must not have been published elsewhere in abstract or other form.

Note: Selected abstracts will be published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science, subject to editorial approval, unless otherwise indicated.

Specialists and consultants are asked to bring this to the attention of their juniors.

If you are selected to present you must be a member of RAMI, join online at  Membership Application

Registration fee includes tea/coffee/sandwiches and CPD credits.

€20.00 RAMI Members

€45.00 Non-RAMI Members