History of Medicine Section, March 2014

19/03/2014 in Setanta House, (First Floor) Setanta Place, Dublin 2

“Thalidomide in Ireland 1959-1962”

Thalidomide, developed in 1954, was sold without prescription internationally and in Ireland for a variety of uses. The discovery in late 1961 that thalidomide caused a range of serious and potentially fatal birth defects when used in early pregnancy shocked the general public and health professionals alike. This talk will examine the development and marketing of thalidomide and the differing international approaches to the initial introduction of the drug and the ultimate withdrawal from sale when adverse effects on the unborn became apparent.

Presented By Dr Brian Cleary

Dr Brian Cleary is the Chief Pharmacist in the Rotunda Hospital and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. His research and clinical interests include the safe and effective use of medicines in pregnancy.

All Welcome, Particularly Students