History of Medicine Section, Monday 15th April 2024 at 6:30 pm

15/04/2024 in Whitefriar Street Community Centre, 56, Aungier St., Dublin 2

   An Irish Radium Institute: The Royal Dublin Society and the promotion of radioactive therapy in twentieth-century Ireland

                                    Dr Adrian Kirwan, BA, MA, PhD, Maynooth University             

Soon after its discovery in 1898, the potential physiological effects of radium, including its possible role in combating cancer, were recognised. Its therapeutic uses led to the founding of the Royal Dublin Society’s (RDS) Radium Institute in 1914, just two years after the establishment of the Institut du Radium in Paris. In tracing the history of Institute, this paper will explore the role that the RDS played in the relationship between the emerging science surrounding radioactivity, the scientists that were promoting and developing this, and the pioneering medical professionals that sought to use this new science for the benefit of their patients.

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Venue: St Theresa’s Room, 2nd Floor, Whitefriar Street Community Centre, 56, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Wheelchair access is via the lift on the left-hand side, behind the main staircase.