History of Medicine Section, Wednesday 24th October 2018

24/10/2018 in Geoffrey Burke Room, Second Floor, Setanta House, Dublin 2

A meeting of the RAMI History of Medicine Section takes place on Wednesday 24th October 2018, starting at 6:15pm.  All welcome. 

Reflections of a Surgeon of the Troubles 

 Professor Roy Spence OBE, MD, MA, LLD(hon), FRCS

Queens University Belfast, and Consultant Surgeon-Belfast Trust

The Troubles in Northern Ireland began in 1968 and continued for almost four decades. During this time there were 3606 deaths, 47,541 were injured; there were 36,923 shootings and 16,209 bombings. It became an extraordinary way of life for the population in general, and the medical profession in particular. There were unique features to the Troubles, which proved a particular challenge to the surgical community. Many patients were injured close by, or within the hospital complex, there were hundreds of casualties in the major bombings; the largest series in the world, at that time, of civilian gunshot wounds of the head and the unique ‘knee capping’ punishment shootings. Surgical lessons were learned which became applicable to recent conflicts such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All Welcome, particularly students