Odontology Section Meeting, April 2016

26/04/2016 in Large Lecture Theatre, Dublin Dental University Hospital

The candidates for the Bronze Medal Award of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, Odontology (Dental) Section are:

 Kate Ferron- Fusobacteriun nucleatum: causative agent or innocent bystander?

Niall Conaty- Do non-invasive diagnostic techniques have a place in the diagnosis of oral epithelial dysplasia?

Maeve Cooney- Does current Irish practice align with latest international guidance for the management of people taking oral and intravenous anti-resorptive therapy?

Emmet Ryan- Analysis of the oral microbiome has the potential to transform oral healthcare. Discuss.

Each candidate has 15 minutes to present their dissertation and answer questions.  The prize is awarded by the adjudicators solely on the presentation at this meeting.

 All Welcome

 Winner: Dr. Emmet P Ryan


Section Secretary: Dr. Roberta Swanwick.