Ophthalmology Section Meeting, April 1990

06/04/1990 in Regional Hospital, Cork

President : Hugh O’Donoghue

A meeting of the Ophthalmic Section of the Academy was generously hosted by our Cork colleagues at the Regional Hospital on the afternoon of Friday 6th April, 1990. About 40 ophthalmologists were present, many having travelled long distances to Cork. The delegates attended a buffet lunch prior to the meeting proper and had the opportunity to look over the excellent new Eye Unit in the Regional Hospital. About 35 of the delegates and accompanying persons attended a most enjoyable dinner at the Clifford house restaurant on the Friday evening and this dinner was, in part, sponsored by Allergan. Altogether it was a most enjoyable visit to Cork and the Section is most grateful to Mr. Aidan Murray and all the¬†ophthalmic staff in Cork for making this such an enjoyable occasion. Our President, Mr. Hugh O’Donoghue, chaired the meeting, which commenced at 2 p.m. and finished at about 5.30 p.m., and a list of the papers delivered is outlined below.

“Persisting Hyperplasia Primary Vitreous with unusual findings” C. Noonan, H. Cassidy, M. Farrell, J. Mullaney.

“Menstrual Cycle Associated Uveitis” M. A. Asghar, B. Young.

“Fuch’s Heterochromic Cyclitis associated with unilateral Retinis Pigmentosa” M. Hickey-Dwyer, A. Patterson.

“Ocular Xanthogranulomata” W. Power, M. Hillery, A. Benedict-Smith, J. Mullaney, L. M. T. Collum.

“Ophthalmic Manifestations of Giant Aneurysm of the Cavernous Sinus” S. Fitzsimons, J. Toland, R. Robinson, P. Eustace.

“The P.E.R.G. in Glaucoma Screening” E. O’Donoghue, R. Hitchings.

“Von Hippel Lindau Disease” A. O’Mahony.

“Ocular Motility problems foliowing Orbital Decompression” F. Kinsella, P. Kyle.

“Surgical causes of painful third Nerve Palsy” R. Robinson, J. Toland, P. Eustace.

“Cellophane Maculopathy” H. O’Donoghue.