Paediatrics Section Meeting, April 1988

08/04/1988 in Trinity College Dublin

President : Dr. B. J. O’Sullivan¬†

A Symposium on Respiratory Disorders in Childhood was held by the Paediatric Section on Friday, 8th April, in Trinity College. The meeting was opened by the President of the Paediatric Section, Dr. B. J. O’Sullivan. The Chair was then taken by Professor N. V. O’Donohoe, head of the Department of Paediatrics, Trinity College. The first speaker was Sister M. Lydia who spoke on the importance of early and skilled assessment of hearing disorders, and the value of hearing aids. This was followed by Dr. Duncan Matthew from the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, who discussed croup in childhood and stressed the importance of early intubation of children with epiglottitis, He also stressed that sleep apnoea¬†due to enlarged adenoids was an important, relatively common and easily correctable disorder. Mr. Alexander Blayney discussed the importance of treating otitis media with antibiotics for a 10 day period, and also discussed the value of grommets in glue ear. Professor Edward Tempany gave an update on current research in cystic fibrosis and it is believed that the cystic fibrosis gene will soon be identified. Miss Helen Shortt reviewed the dietary management of cystic fibrosis and emphasised the value of high fat diet in combination with appropriate pancreatic enzyme supplements. Dr. Margaret Mearns, from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London, discussed the overall management, prognosis, and improved life span with this condition. Dr. Bruce Mitchell discussed the role of allergy in asthma, and the value of decreasing house dust mite with simple measures such as a plastic cover on the mattress, and the use of sprays, which will shortly be available, to eradicate the allergen from the patient’s house. Dr. Mervyn Taylor discussed the hospital management of children with asthma, emphasising the value of assessing and monitoring progress with peak flow measurements. Dr. Brendan Watson discussed the home management of asthma, emphasising the importance of patient and parent education in the aetiology, management, and inhaler technique. Each session was followed by a lively and informative discussion.