RAMI Virtual Intern Study Day, Monday 29th March 2021 (subject to change)

29/03/2021 in Online Conference

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Dear Interns,

We are delighted to have received in excess of 300 Abstracts for the RAMI Intern Meeting 2021.

While this meeting was scheduled to take place at the end of January 2021, the current surge in cases in COVID19 and the impact that is having on clinical practice, clinical activity and on call schedules across the country we are planning to defer the meeting and select Monday 29th March 2021, this is subject to change. We are extending the closing date to Friday 12th February for interns who missed the previous closing date.

We are confident the meeting will proceed and look forward to hearing and reviewing the presentations in Spring 2021.

Many thanks for your co-operation and support at this difficult time.

Prof. Denise M Sadlier
Chair of RAMI Intern Study Day


Closing Date Extended

The RAMI Virtual Intern Study Day 2021 will provide the intern class of 2021 to present their clinical cases and research. Due to the virtual nature of the conference there will be no poster competition this year but we are increasing the number of oral presentations and hosting the study day over a number of evenings to support this. We will also be recording all sessions of the meeting and they will be available through an online platform.

We encourage all interns to submit an abstract for this meeting and accept case reports, case series, audit, clinical studies and basic science studies. Interns submitting an abstract must be a RAMI member and can join the intern section of RAMI here.

When submitting abstract(s) and joining RAMI at the same time, it can takes a few days to process membership applications and in this event use the RAMI ID 1234 to upload your abstract. Once an abstract is successfully submitted a message will appear on screen acknowledging receipt of your abstract. Please note, you will not receive notification by email.  

 Please adhere to the following guidelines with respect to the abstract format:

Eligibility:  An intern may submit more than one abstract. All submitted abstracts must have the presenting intern as first author and must have a minimum of one senior author (e.g. Supervising Consultant for a Case Report).

Abstract Format: Submit in a word format, no pdf’s allowed.  A maximum of 300 words, the word limit excludes the abstract title, authors, institutions and intern network (view networks). Abstracts are text only and should not include graphics (e.g. figures & tables).  View sample abstract.

Abstract Review: All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the RAMI Abstract Committee who will score and select the oral presentation for RAMI Intern Study Day 2021.

Abstract Publication: All submitted abstracts are considered for publication in the RAMI Intern Study Day Proceedings as a supplement of the Irish Journal of Medical Science (IJMS). When submitting your abstract, please select the option “Yes” or “No” for publication in the IJMS. Only abstracts not published elsewhere will be considered for publication in the IJMS.

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