RAMI Pathology Section Registrar’s Prize Meeting, Wednesday 3rd March 2021

03/03/2021 in MS Teams

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Call for Abstracts
Closing date is 10/02/2021

Please submit in a word document format, no pdf’s. Use Times New Roman font in size 10.

Ideally the work to be presented should be original and unpublished and should not have been presented at a national or international meeting.

A “blind” selection process will be used therefore please do not use identifying features such as names of hospitals, medical schools, clinics or cities in the title or text of the abstract. Any author not adhering to this rule will be asked to resubmit

The body of the abstract should include a statement outlining the aim of the study, the methods used, a factual summary of results and a conclusion.  If the abstract is an experimental one or a clinical trial, please state clearly the hypothesis being tested, describe quantitatively the experimental subject and give an appropriate level of statistical data and details of any formal statistical setting.  Statements such as “results will be discussed” are unacceptable.

You can structure your abstracts using headings, e.g. “Background, Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions”

Uncommon abbreviations should not be used without first being expressed in full.  Essential references (not more than two) must be cited in the Vancouver style, eg.

1. Geck MJ, Yoo S, Wang JC. Assessment of cervical ligamentous injury in trauma patients using MRI. J Spinal Disord. 2001;14(5):371-7

Presented data should agree with what is stated in the abstract.

If you are selected to present you must be a member of RAMI, which you can join online at  Membership Application

All those attending must register for the event, register here. CPD approval will be sought.  

On behalf of Professor Maureen O’Sullivan, Section President