RAMI Virtual Intern Study Day, Thursday 1st April 2021_Sessions 7 and 8

01/04/2021 in Online Lecture

Session 7_Programme_4.30pm to 6.40pm

RAMI 2021 Agenda – Session 7 – 1st April

Winner of Session 7 is Dr Hongying Chen
Impact of Psychiatric Comorbidities on Emergency Surgical Patients’ Outcomes


Session 8_Programme_6.25pm to 8.10pm

RAMI 2021 Agenda – Session 8 – 1st April

Winner of Session 8 is Dr Sarah Elliott
Surgical Resection of a ‘Benign’ Tumour

A recap of all winners at this years 2021 Intern sessions (8), congratulations to all, they are as follows:

Dr Maeve Matthews_Winner of Session 1

Dr Mandira Rajan_Winner of Session 2

Dr Daire Hurley_Winner of Session 3

Dr Niamh Humphreys_Winner of Session 4

Dr Lauren McDonagh_Winner of Session 5

Dr David T. Hopkins_Winner of Session 6

Dr Hongying Chen_Winner of Session 7

Dr Sarah Elliott_Winner of Session 8