Section of OtoRhinoLaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ORL HNS), Registrar’s Prize Meeting, Friday, 21st April 2023

21/04/2023 in Faithlegg Hotel Conference Centre, Waterford

Register by 16/04/2023
Cost €20 Public / €Free Members

Dear ENT colleagues and trainees,

This year’s Spring RAMI  OtoRhinoLaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ORL HNS) section meeting will be held at Faithlegg hotel conference venue, Waterford on Friday 21st  April 2023. Rooms are currently available at a special conference rate for attendees.

Abstract submissions will be accepted online. Submit your abstract HERE.  The closing date is Monday 27th March 2023 by 3:00 pm

This will be a great networking opportunity for both consultant colleagues and trainees. Both Prof Ivan Keogh (Section President)  and I would encourage all who can attend, to support this meeting as we expect it to be an enjoyable and educational meeting. To balance the educational element of the meeting, a gala dinner will be held on Friday night which all are welcome to attend. Further details on the conference programme will follow once finalised.  The Gala dinner on Friday night is €65, it is vital you register and pay before Saturday 1st April, we must have the attendance for dinner confirmed by April 1st.  A separate Registration for Dinner is available HERE.

You are invited to submit original research, case series, and innovations in surgical techniques. Case series, not single case report. ENT trainee oral presentations (6 mins to present plus 2 mins for questions).  Limit your abstract to 100 words please (excluding title, authors’ names, and departments/affiliations).  PLEASE SEE THE SAMPLE ABSTRACT BELOW.

If you are selected to present you must be a member of RAMI, which you can join online at Membership Application  If you are already a RAMI member please be sure that your membership is up to date.

All those attending must register for the event. Receipts will be issued. RAMI Members attend for free.  CPD certs are emailed to all who sign the CPD sign-in sheet.  There is a nominal fee of €20 for non-RAMI Members to attend (this covers the cpd cert if you require one).    All wishing to attend the gala dinner must use this Registration/Dinner.  Receipts will be issued.

Eimear Phelan

RAMI ENT section secretary

Abstract guidelines:

All abstracts must adhere to the following guidelines. Abstracts that do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted.
1. Abstracts should be 100 words or less, excluding title and authors.
2. The first author must be the submitting author. The author list will be published in the order that it is submitted in the abstract, so please ensure all authors are aware of this.
3. Each author needs an affiliation. Affiliations must include a department and organisation. Affiliations should be listed under the author list, linked by numerical superscripts.
4. There should be no references in the abstract.
5. There should be no diagrams or graphs. Everything must be text-based.
6. Abstracts should be submitted as a MS Word document. No pdfs.

Please select Yes/No when submitting abstract(s) if you wish your abstract to be included for publication in the Irish J Med Sci. Do not select Yes if the abstract has been published elsewhere in abstract or other form, or if it is published online anywhere.


Mystery elements explained

*1Given M Family, 2Kong-sang (Jackie) Chan, 1,2Victoria Von Waltz, 2on behalf of RSMA workgroup

1University of Abstraction, Boston, MA, USA; 2Royal Society of Meeting Abstracts (RSMA), Wan Chai, Hong Kong, PR China.

Background: The Background includes what is already known……….

Methods: The Method section will include details on how the study ……….

Results: The Results section should have detailed findings …………..

Conclusion: In addition to briefly summarizing the results, this section

Keywords: optional, consistently applied, relevant short phrases, elements


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