Abstract Format: ORL HNS Section 

RAMI OtoRhinoLaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ORL HNS) Section

Abstract Format:

  • All abstracts must adhere to the following guidelines. Abstracts that do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted. 
    Abstracts should be 150 words or less, excluding title and authors.
    2. Font style and size: Times New Roman, 12, single-spaced.
    3. Use three or four headings: Background: Methods: Results: and Conclusion.
    5. Authors should be presented as a surname, followed by initials (e.g. Murphy A, Carey T, Dunne P), and subsequent authors separated by a comma. The first author must be the submitting author. The author list will be published in the order that it is submitted in the abstract, so please ensure all authors are aware of this.
    6. Each author needs an affiliation. Affiliations must include a department and organisation. Affiliations should be listed under the author list, linked by the numerical superscript.
    7. There should be no references in the abstract.
    8. There should be no diagrams or graphs. Everything must be text-based.
    9. Abstracts should be submitted as an MS Word document. No pdf’s.
    10. Please include at least 3 or 4 keywords.
    11. If for publication, the abstract must not have been published elsewhere in abstract or another form. It must not be published online. All abstracts must be submitted online (not accepted by email). Abstracts must be submitted before the deadline. Late applications will not be considered or accepted.
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  • There is a €20 fee to attend for non-RAMI members but it’s free to RAMI members. This fee also covers the CPD cert.