Abstract guidelines

Abstract Format: Submit in a word format, no pdf’s permitted.  A maximum of 300 words, the word limit excludes the abstract title/authors/institution.

Abstracts are text only and should not include graphics (e.g. figures & tables).

Use no more than 3 references, If more than six authors use the first three authors’ names plus et al.

Do not use text boxes.  Normal-spaced text. No headers/footers.  Include 4-5 keywords.

Abstract Publication: All submitted abstracts may be considered for online publication in the Irish Journal of Medical Science (IJMS). If you wish to have an abstract published please select the option “Yes” or “No” for publication. Only abstracts not published elsewhere will be considered for publication in the IJMS.

Management of Patients with ……….

K Coughlan1, JP Cruise2, SK Kearns1

Depts. of Physiology1, Medicine for the Elderly2, Tallaght Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Background: There are no pre-clinical studies focused on ………..

Aims: To review case numbers of pathologists ……

Methods: We retrospectively analysed five procedures occurring ………………

Results: From a total of twelve excisions performed using ………

Conclusions: Our results show a trend towards ………..


  1. Geck MJ, Yoo S, Wang JC. Assessment of cervical ligamentous injury in trauma patients using MRI. J Spinal Disord.  2001;14(5):371-7
  2. Smith AB, Clarke DE, Carter PA et al. Bilateral renal cell carcinomas. Ir J Med Sci.  2010;14(3):371-9