Dental Alveolar infection

The Odontology Section of The Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland would like to thank our speaker, Dr. Eddie Fahy, and the attendees of our first event of this academic year on Tuesday 18th October 2022 on ‘The Spread of Dentoalveolar Infection.’ This synchronous online event again enjoyed a large attendance from dental students & staff in both Dublin & Cork Dental Hospitals as well as from dental & medical clinicians from the HSE. Dr. Fahy discussed the pathways and factors involved in the onset and spread of odontogenic infection including the most severe consequences of untreated infection. This lecture and Q&A session were recorded for asynchronous access. If attendees are interested in accessing the recording, please feel free to contact the Odontology Section.

 With thanks to our speaker, Dr. Eddie Fahy, whose biography is attached below.

Dr. David McReynolds

Dr. David McReynolds BA BDentSc MFDS RCSEd DChDent (Pros) FFD RCSI (Pros)


Assistant Professor in Restorative Dentistry

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Odontology Section Secretary – Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland


Dr Eddie Fahy


Postgraduate Student in Oral Surgery, UCC

Dr. Edward Fahy completed his undergraduate training at Trinity College Dublin in 2012. He has 10 years of experience in dentistry in Ireland, the UK, and Singapore in general practice with training at the National Maxillofacial Unit, St James Hospital Dublin, Mid-West Regional Hospital Limerick, and Dublin Dental University Hospital. He is currently in year two of his clinical doctoral postgraduate training in Oral Surgery at University College Cork.