Can an abstract be submitted based on research done as an undergraduate? Submissions to the RAMI Intern Study Day must include work done within the intern year, a project commenced as an undergraduate but that is ongoing and where the intern continues to contribute can be submitted. However an undergraduate project with no subsequent work cannot be submitted.

Can a Clinical Audit be submitted? A clinical research study including a clinical audit may be submitted and considered for competition at the RAMI Intern Study Day.

Can the senior author only be a Consultant? For case reports/case series and clinical audit/research the senior author must be a Supervising Consultant. For basic science research projects a research supervisor other than a Consultant can be the senior author. All submitted abstracts must have a Supervising/Senior Author

Can I submit my abstract to RAMI Intern Study Day as well as other meetings? RAMI is a national meeting, the same abstract can be submitted to an International and National meeting.

Can I submit a literature review to RAMI Intern Study Day? A literature review is not allowed as a standalone project but can be included as part of a Case Report/Case Series or Meta Analysis.

Can I submit a clinical trial to RAMI Intern Study Day? Any clinical study that has the appropriate approved ethics will be considered once the intern is the first author.

Can I submit a joint project with another intern? Yes a joint project can be submitted but one intern must be nominated as the first/presenting author.

Do Case Reports/Case Series have to be Medical or Surgical? A case report from any specialty will be considered for RAMI Intern Study Day, all Case Reports/Case Series must involve cases directly seen/cared for by the submitting intern. A case report should reflect an unusual presentation of a common disease or a rare disease. Common conditions will not be considered.

Do I have to have the patient(s) consent to submit Case Reports/Case Series? Yes, any patient information, even if anonymised, must have patient and/or ethics committee approval prior to submitting to RAMI Intern Study Day.

Does the maximum 300 word count include referenced publications? The 300 maximum word count does not include references but submitted abstract do not require references.

What happens if the Abstract Format is incorrect? Unfortunately abstracts that do not comply with required format may be excluded from consideration. Common reasons for exclusion include the absence of Senior Author/Supervising Consultant, presence of track changes visible on submitted abstract, exceeding the maximum word count, submission of powerpoint slides.