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Combined Dermatology & Pathology Sections Meeting, Thurs 12th April 2018

12/04/2018 6:00pm in Winter Hall, RCPI, 6, Kildare street, Dublin 2

Ophthalmology Section Meeting, Friday, 23rd March 2018

23/03/2018 11:00am in Glenloe Abbey Galway

History of Medicine Section, Wednesday 14th March 2018

14/03/2018 6:30pm in Winter Hall, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Pathology Section Meeting, Monday 12th March 2018

12/03/2018 6:00pm in Lecture Theatre, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Odontology Section Meeting, Tuesday 6th March 2018

06/03/2018 7:00pm in LLT Dublin Dental University Hospital, Dublin 2

RAMI Intern Section Study Day Meeting, Sat 27th Jan 2018

27/01/2018 8:30am in Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin 7

Bioengineering Section Conference, 26th & 27th Jan 2018

26/01/2018 1:00pm in Johnstown House Estate, Enfield, Co. Meath

Section of OtoRhinoLaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (ORL HNS), Registrar’s Prize Meeting, Fri 8th Dec 2017

08/12/2017 7:00pm in Education and Research Centre, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Adelaide Road, Dublin 2

RAMI Research Awards, Wednesday 29th Nov 2017

29/11/2017 7:00pm in Corrigan & Graves Halls, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2