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Jody SA. Khan, Nathan P. Papa, Niall F. Davis, Paula F. Wrafter, John C. Kelly, Catherine M. Dowling, Frank T. D’Arcy

Is Movember synonymous with moustaches or men's health? An examination of internet search activity for prostate and testicular cancer during the campaign

Nikita R. Bhatt, Catherine Ann Murphy, Niall Wall, Elizabeth McEvoy, Robert J. Flynn, Arun Z. Thomas, Rustom P. Manecksha, Phillip G. Murphy, Lisa G. Smyth

Implications of faecal ESBL carriers undergoing TRUS-guided prostate biopsy (TRUSPB): role of screening prior to TRUSPB

Koray Aslan, Mustafa Erkan Sarı, Hakan Raşit Yalçın, İbrahim Yalçın, Zeliha FIrat Cüylan, Bülent Özdal

Coexistence of uterine adenomyosis is not associated with a better prognosis in endometrioid-type endometrial cancer

A. O’Carroll-Lolait, A. Urwin, I. Doughty, J. Schofield, H Thabit, L. Leelarathna

Trends in HbA1c and other biochemical outcomes of individuals with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes_Open Access

Rosa S Djajadiningrat, Jochen Walz, Lukas C van Dijk, Hossain Roshani

Antegrade pyelography, a survey among urologists