Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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Rosa S Djajadiningrat, Jochen Walz, Lukas C van Dijk, Hossain Roshani

Antegrade pyelography, a survey among urologists

Niall Byrne, Jacqueline Turner, Rita Marron, Deborah M. Lambert, Daniel N. Murphy, Grace O’Sullivan, Maureen Mason, Frank Broderick, Mary C. Burke, Sheila Casey, Marguerite Doyle, David Gibney, Fergus Mason, David Molony, Deirdre Ormond, Colm O’ Sé, Conor O’Shea, Eileen P. Treacy

The role of primary care in management of rare diseases in Ireland

Úna M. McVeigh, Terri P. McVeigh, Catherine Curran, Nicola Miller, Derek W. Morris, Micheal J. Kerin

Diagnostic yield of a custom-designed multi-gene cancer panel in Irish patients with breast cancer

William Stokes

On amputation at the hip-joint