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Marc F. O’Reilly, Khalid M. Mohamed, Eoin C. Sheehan

General practitioner attitudes and experiences of orthopaedic services in the Irish midlands


Ian StephensEmail authorClaudine MurphyIan S. ReynoldsShaheel SaheballyJoseph DeasyJohn P. BurkeDeborah A. McNamara

Implementation of day of surgery admission for rectal cancer surgery in Ireland following a national centralisation programme


K. Mealy, F. Keane, P. Kelly, G. Kelliher

What is the future for General Surgery in Model 3 Hospitals?


R.M. Heaney, I. Reynolds, R. S. Ryan, I. Khan, W. Khan, R. Waldron, K. Barry

Magnitude of non-operative surgical emergency admissions; service implications for surgical and radiological practice


D. Doltani, A. Imran, J. Saunders, D. Harmon

Who accompanies patients to the chronic pain clinic?