Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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P. Gouda, S. Fanous, J. Gouda, J. Boland, R. Geoghegan

Paediatric learning in a clinical attachment: undergraduate medical students’ perspectives


F. Hızlı, G. Argun, İ. Güney, O. Güven, A. İ. Arık, S. Başay, H. Günaydın, H. Başar, A. Köşüş,

Obturator nerve block transurethral surgery for bladder cancer: comparison of inguinal and intravesical approaches: prospective randomized trial


C. Wang, Y. Huang, W. Dai

Tumor suppression function of FoxD3 in lung cancer


O. Ntlholang, S. Walsh, D. Bradley, J. Harbison

Identifying palliative care issues in inpatients dying following stroke


M. Al-Halawani, J. Dazley, J. Slim, J. Boghossian

Sphingomonas paucimobilis bacteremia in an HIV and hepatitis C co-infected patient


J. C. Oosthuizen, D. McShane, J. Kinsella, B. Conlon

General practitioner ENT referral audit