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Patrick J. Murtagh,  Kirk A. Stephenson,  Maedbh Rhatigan,  Elizabeth M. McElnea,  Paul P. Connell &  David J. Keegan 

Rhegmatogenous retinal detachments: primary reattachment rates and visual outcomes over a 4-year period


John A. O’Kelly,  Usman M. Haroon,  Abdul J. Rauf,  Kieran J. Breen,  Barry B. McGuire,  Ijaz A. Cheema,  Liza McLornan &  James C. Forde 

Ureteric stenting with magnetic retrieval: an alternative to traditional methods


Ploutarchos Karydakis,  Dimitrios Giakoumettis &  Marios Themistocleous 

The 100 most cited papers about pediatric traumatic brain injury: a bibliometric analysis


Ailbhe Kiely,  Sami Abd Elwahab,  Declan McDonnell,  Roisin Tully,  Maria Randles,  Mary Hickey,  Felix Ofori-Kuma,  Ivan Ivanovski,  Suhail Khan,  Karl Schmidt &  Kenneth Mealy 

Over-admission and over-treatment of patients with cellulitis: a 5-year audit against international guidelines


Olwyn E. Lynch,  Elaine J. Redmond,  Mohammud S. Inder,  Robert J. Flynn,  Arun Z. Thomas,  Lisa G. Smyth &  Rustom P. Manecksha

The utility of stent on strings in clinical practice


Peter McAnena,  Colm Neary,  Conor Doyle,  Michael J. Kerin,  Oliver J. McAnena &  Chris Collins 

Serial CRP levels following oesophagectomy: a marker for anastomotic dehiscence