Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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C. Brown, T. I. Barron, K. Bennett, D. MacDonald, F. Dwane, L. Sharp

Generalisability of pharmacoepidemiological studies using restricted prescription data


L. O’ Halloran, B. McAdam, K. Morgan, C. Lewis, D. Farrell, S. Doherty, S. Burke, H. McGee

Readmission rates among cardiology inpatients with echocardiography abnormalities associated with heart failure


L. Suciu, C. Cristescu, A. Topîrceanu, L. Udrescu, M. Udrescu, V. Buda, M. C. Tomescu

Evaluation of patients diagnosed with essential arterial hypertension through network analysis


C. Toomey, S. Leahy, K. McCreesh, S. Coote, P. Jakeman

The body composition phenotype of Irish adults aged 18–81 years