Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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S. T. Tuohy, S.-M. G. Kyvelou, P. J. Gleeson, F. B. Daniels, L. A. Ryan, D. W. Lappin, M. J. O’Donnell, F. Sharif

The effect of renal sympathetic denervation on nocturnal dipping in patients with resistant hypertension; observational data from a tertiary referral centre in the Republic of Ireland


S. Zhao, F. Niu, C.-Y. Xu, Y. Liu, L. Ye, G.-B. Bi, L. Chen, G. Tian, T.-H. Nie

Diosgenin prevents bone loss on retinoic acid-induced osteoporosis in rats


A. S. Ciblis, M.-L. Butler, A. L. W. Bokde, P. G. Mullins, J. P. McNulty

The use of neuroimaging in dementia by Irish general practitioners


A. Haghighi, S. Savaj, H. Haghighi-Kakhki, V. Benoit, B. Grisart, K. Dahan

Identification of an NPHP1 deletion causing adult form of nephronophthisis


D. Byrne, S. Buttrey, C. Carberry, S. Lydon, P. O’Connor

Is there a risk profile for the vulnerable junior doctor?