Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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M. M. Stephens, F. McManus



W. A. Tanner, D. Acton, E. C. Moorehouse, D. Bouchier-Hayes

The effect of distal sepsis on arterial grafts: An experimental study


J. W. R. Peyton, E. M. Mcllrath, J. M. Hood

Management of a widowmaker


J. R. T. Monson, F. B. Keane, P. J. Byrne, G. Fry, T. P. J. Hennessy

Retrograde electrical pacing and its influence on the migrating motor complex of the canine jejunum


J. P. McElwaine, J. St. John O’Connell, F. H. Moore, J. Curtin

Slipped capital femoral epiphysis: A retrospective review of the clinical and radiological results


M. MacEvilly, D. Riordan, J. P. Ryan, A. R. Unwin

Electroconvulsion therapy and the haemodialysis dependent patient


D. J. Moore, J. B. Devlin, G. Shanik

Spontaneous aorto-caval fistula due to athero-sclerotic aneurysm