Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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N. Daly, C. Mitchell, M. Farren, M. M. Kennelly, J. Hussey, M. J. Turner

Maternal obesity and physical activity and exercise levels as pregnancy advances: an observational study


B. Savran, Ü. Adigüzel, K. B. Yüksel, A. Seven, O. Fazli, S. Kabil Kucur, İ. Öztürk Gözükara

The importance of antenatal diagnosis of congenital duodenal obstruction


C. Onwuneme, B. Diya, O. Uduma, R. A. McCarthy, N. Murphy, M. T. Kilbane, M. J. McKenna, E. J. Molloy

Correction of vitamin D deficiency in a cohort of newborn infants using daily 200 IU vitamin D supplementation


V. Korkmaz, E. Ozkaya, S. Özer Kadife, F. Kara, T. Kucukozkan

Investigation of cardiovascular disease risk in women with uterine leiomyomas


H. Toman, F. Ozkul, G. Erbag, M. Erbas, T. Simsek, G. Adam, M. K. Arik, M. Asik

Effects of fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) nodule depth on pain score


L. Gallagher, C. Begley, M. Clarke

Determinants of breastfeeding initiation in Ireland