Events of Haughton Lectures

28th Annual Conference of the RAMI Section of Bioengineering_(BinI 2023)

27/01/2023 in The Johnstown Estate, Enfield, Co. Meath

Bioengineering Section Conference, 18th & 19th Jan 2019

18/01/2019 in Castletroy Park Hotel, Casteltroy, Limerick

Bioengineering Section Conference, 26th & 27th Jan 2018

26/01/2018 1:00pm in Johnstown House Estate, Enfield, Co. Meath

Samuel Haughton Lecture Friday 20th Jan 2017

20/01/2017 2:00pm in Hilton Belfast Templepatrick Golf & Country Club, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Samuel Haughton Lecture 2016

22/01/2016 5:00pm in National University of Ireland, Galway

Samuel Haughton Lecture 2015

16/01/2015 5:00pm in Carton House, Maynooth

Samuel Haughton Lecture 2014

24/01/2014 5:00pm in Castletroy Park Hotel, Castleroy

Samuel Haughton Lecture 2013

18/01/2013 5:00pm in Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield