Graves Lectures


Robert James Graves

The Annual Graves Lecture commemorates Robert Graves, the eminent Dublin physician. The lecture should serve to foster and promote research in Ireland. The lecturer is selected by the General Council from nominations sought from Fellows of the Academy. It was at a meeting of the General Council held on Friday, 29th January 1960 that the decision to run the “Graves Lecture of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland” was decided.  The first lecture started in 1961.  The names of the lecturers should be exhibited on a notice board in the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

The subject of the lecture must be of clinical/biomedical interest embodying original research. The lecturer receives the Academy’s silver medal determined by the General Council.

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Presenters of the Robert Graves Lectures:

2022     Derek O’Keeffe

  • Digital Health: Humans 2.0

2021     Catherine Godson

  • Grave Considerations on the Resolution of Inflammation in Health and Disease

2019     Fergus Shanahan

  • Robert Graves – when ‘he fed fevers’ he fed the microbiome”

2018     Madeleine Lowery

  • Windows of wonder: Insights into the control of human movement

2017     Alf Nicholson

  • Towards a more positive view of healthcare in Ireland

2015     Carel W. le Roux

2014     P. Ronan O’Connell

2013     Noel G McElvaney

2012     Eamonn Quigley

2011     Laura Viani

2010     Colm Ó’Moráin

2009     Rose Anne Kenny

2008     Timothy O’Brien

2007     Tom O’Dowd

2006     Michael Elmore-Meegan

2005     Patrick J. Morrison

2004     Mark Lawler

2003     Leonie Young

2002     Gerald H. Tomkin

2001     Owen P. Smith

2000     William Reardon

1999     Kingston H.G. Mills

1998     Conor M. Burke

1997     Cliona O’Farrelly

1996     Malachi J. McKenna

1995     Fergus Shanahan

1994     Dermot P.A. Kelleher

1993     Oliver Fitzgerald

1992     Patrick Michael Bell

1991     John Lionel Waddington

1990     Walter Mac Nicholas

1989     Conleth F. Feighery

1988     G. D. Johnston

1987     Barry Bresnihan

1986     Desmond N. Carney

1985     William H. Hutchinson

1984     T.J. McKenna

1983     John Barry Ferriss

1982     Kevin O’Malley

1981     John Randal Hayes

1980     Joseph Ennis

1979     David A. Powell

1978     Michael James Whelton

1977     Denis G. McDevitt

1976     Edmund Bourke

1975     Keith D. Buchanan

1974     Ciaran F McCarthy

1973     Donald G. Weir

1972     John Ashton Dodge

1971     James J. Fennelly

1970     Robert Gray Shanks

1969     Ian Jesse Temperly

1968     Noel Clarke

1967     James Gerard Devlin

1966     Robert Douglas Thornes

1965     Fergus J. O’Rourke

1964     Francis P Muldowney

1963     Mary Graham McGeown

1962     Peter C. Elmes

1961     Michael Ivo Drury