Haughton Lectures

The Bioengineering Section successfully applied to the General Council of the Academy to have a Silver Medal awarded for the Samuel Haughton Lecture. The lecture will be in the field of bioengineering and will be delivered annually. The lecturer will be Irish, or be working in Ireland, and will alternate between a medically qualified person and one qualified in engineering and related sciences. The lecturer will be a distinguished figure in their field, of Consultant or senior academic or professional status, with a substantial body of published work. A Selection Committee, composed of the President, Secretary and two Council Members of the Section and two nominated members of the General Council of the Academy, will invite a suitable person to deliver the Samuel Haughton Lecture.

The Haughton Lecture in honour of Rev. Samuel Haughton is organised by the Section of Bioengineering. The lecturer receives the Academy’s silver medal.

“Death is produced by hanging in one or other of the three following ways:
1. By apoplexy, caused by pressure on the jugular veins;
2. By asphyxia, caused by stoppage of the windpipe;
3. By shock of the medulla oblongata, caused by fracture of the vertebral column.
In the first two cases death is preceded by convulsions, lasting from five to forty five minutes …… In the third case death is instantaneous and painless…”

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Previous presenters of the Samuel Haughton Lectures:

2024     Laoise McNamara, National University of Ireland, Galway

2023     John O’Byrne, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin

2022     Daniel Kelly, Trinity College Dublin

2020     Suzanne Maher, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Res. Institute, NY, USA

2019     Dennis McGonagle, University of Leeds

2018     Fergal O’Brien, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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2017     David FitzPatrick, University College Dublin

2016     Timothy O’Brien, National University of Ireland Galway

2015     Tim McGloughlin, University of Limerick

2014     James E. Coleman

2013     Richard Reilly, Trinity College Dublin

2012     C. James KirkPatrick, Mainz University

2011     Peter E. McHugh, National University of Ireland Galway

2010     Thomas Clive Lee, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

2009     Frank Gannon, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

2008     Patrick J. Prendergast, Trinity College, Dublin

2007     David E. Beverland, Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast

2006     David Taylor, Trinity College, Dublin

2005     Alexander W. Blayney, Mater Hospital, Dublin

2004     Neville J. Hogan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2003     Robert McNeill Alexander, University of Leeds

2002     John F. Orr, Queen’s University Belfast

2001     Moira O’Brien, Trinity College Dublin

2000     Tony M. Keaveny, University of California, Berkeley

1999     Michael M. Stephens, Mater Hospital, Dublin

1998     Annraoi de Paor, University College Dublin

1997     Pierce A. Grace, University of Limerick

1996     John O’Connor, University of Oxford

1995     James M. Sheehan, Blackrock Clinic, Dublin

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28th Annual Conference of the RAMI Section of Bioengineering_(BinI 2023)

27/01/2023 in The Johnstown Estate, Enfield, Co. Meath

Bioengineering Section Conference, 18th & 19th Jan 2019

18/01/2019 in Castletroy Park Hotel, Casteltroy, Limerick