St. Luke’s Lectures

In January of 1970 at a General Council meeting Dr. Malachy Powell mentioned the possibility of a suggestion being made to institute an annual lectureship sponsored by St. Luke’s Hospital on the lines of the present Graves Lecture. It was some years later in January 1975 when the secretary Dr. Malachy Powell raised the question of an annual lecture on oncology. He said that St. Luke’s Hospital were exploring the possibility of using some research funds to finance an annual lecture on oncology. It was suggested that this could be run in the same way as the Graves Lecture with St. Luke’s Hospital co-operating with the Academy.  There was further discussion and it was decided that the matter should be further explored with St. Luke’s Hospital.  In June 1975 a letter was read from St. Luke’s Hospital agreeing to the arrangements for the St. Luke’s Lecture. Dr. Francis P. Muldowney (General Council Fellow) proposed and Dr. Pauline O’Connell seconded the names of the President of the Academy, Dr. Alan Browne and Dr. Towers, Editor of the journal to represent the Academy on the appointing committee. This was agreed.

The Saint Luke’s Lecture is sponsored by Saint Luke’s Hospital. The annual lecture is in the field of oncology. The lecturer is selected by a committee with representatives from St. Luke’s Hospital and the Academy. The lecturer receives the Academy’s silver medal.

The inaugural lecture was held in 1975. Professor James Fennelly

Previous presenters of the St. Luke’s Lecture :

2016     Bryan Hennessy

2015     Richard Kennedy

2014     Malcolm R Kell

2013     Gary Charles O’Toole

2012     Joe O’Sullivan

2011     Francis J Giles

2010     John V. Reynolds

2009     Paul Browne

2008     William Gallagher

2007     John O’Leary

2006     Owen Smith

2005     Arnold D.K. Hill

2004     Paul Redmond

2003     Eoin F. Gaffney

2001     David J. Bouchier-Hayes

2000     Donal Hollywood

1999     John Armstrong

1998     Patrick J. Morrison

1997     John P. Crown

1996     Mark P. Lawler

1995     Thomas F. Gorey

1994     Thomas N. Walsh

1993     Dermot P. A. Kelleher

1992     Adrian L. Harris

1991     Gerald O’Sullivan

1990     Colm O’Morain

1989     Michael J. Turner

1988     Brian Hurson

1987     Carmel Mothersill

1986     Shaun R. McCann

1985     Diarmuid P. O’Donoghue

1984     Joseph Ennis

1983     Michael Joseph Duffy

1982     Desmond N. Carney

1981     Bernadette Herity

1979     Petr Skrabanek –

1978     Michael Moriarty

1977     Gordon M. Mullins

1976     John F. Murphy –

1975     James Fennelly


St. Luke’s Lecture 2016

27/01/2016 8:00pm in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland,

St. Luke’s Lecture 2015

28/01/2015 8:00pm in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

St. Luke’s Lecture 2014

29/01/2014 7:30pm in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, No 6, Kildare St, Dublin 2