RAMI Presidential Lectures

The President’s Prize Lecture is selected by the sitting President. The lecturer is awarded the Academy’s gold medal.  The President’s Lecture was re-introduced in 2015 by the RAMI President, Dr Patrick O’Sullivan (in situ).

2023     George Shorten

  • Are we good at what we do? – the future of medical training with specific reference to anaesthesiology

2022     Declan J. Warde

  • Anaesthesia in Ireland: the first 100 years

2019     Andrew Green

  • Genomics – Hope, Hype and Reality

2018     J. Conor O’Keane

  • From Specialty of Death to? Death of the Specialty: Pathology as Futurology for 21st-Century Medicine

2017     Gerard Sheehan

  • The Coming of Age of Infectious Diseases as a Clinical Specialty in Ireland

2016     Timothy Lynch

2015     Desmond O’Neill

Past Presidential Lectures

1993     David Powell – European Medical Education: Coordinating Ireland’s Role

1990     John W. Dundee – Ethical Problems in Medicine

1987     Ian C. Roddie – Lymphatics: Active Pumps or Passive Tubes

1985     Patrick G. Collins – Whither Imaging

1982     Robert P. Towers – Screening for Disease -: Is it as Simple as it Sounds?

1980     M.I. Drury – The Problems of Brucellosis – Human, Animal and Mineral

1979     M.I. Drury – The Child is Father of the Man

1978     M.I. Drury – How Can Imaging Help Your Patient

1978     M.I. Drury – Fertility

1977     Alan D.H. Browne -Report of a Visit to China

1977     Alan D.H. Browne – The Entry System to Irish Medical Schools

1976    Alan D.H. Browne – Ireland’s Response to Global Medical Needs

1976     Alan D.H. Browne – The Role of the Academy in Irish Medical Life

1975     David Mitchell – Respiratory Disease: Current Diagnostic Trends

1974     David Mitchell – The Thalidomide Experience in Ireland

1973     David Mitchell – Autoimmunity

Presidential Lecture 2023, Professor George Shorten, Thursday, 23rd November, 2023 at 18:30pm

23/11/2023 6:20pm in Lecture Theatre, College of Anaesthesiologists, 22, Merrion Square North, Dublin 2

Presidential Lecture 2022, Dr. Declan J. Warde, Thursday 5th May 2022 at 6:30pm

05/05/2022 6:30pm in College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland, 22, Merrion Square North, Dublin 2

Presidential Lecture 2019, Professor Andrew Green, Tuesday 26th November 2019

26/11/2019 7:00pm in Corrigan & Graves Halls, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2