RAMI Presidential Lectures

The President’s Prize Lecture is selected by the sitting President. The lecturer is awarded the Academy’s gold medal and an honorarium determined by the General Council.  The President’s Lecture was re-introduced in 2015 by the RAMI President, Dr. Patrick O’Sullivan (in-situ).


2018     J. Conor O’Keane

  • From Specialty of Death to ?Death of the Specialty: Pathology as Futurology for 21st century Medicine

2017     Gerard Sheehan

  • The Coming of Age of Infectious Diseases as a Clinical Specialty in Ireland

2016     Timothy Lynch

2015     Desmond O’Neill

Past Presidential Lectures

1993     David Powell – European Medical Education: Coordinating Ireland’s Role

1990     John W. Dundee – Ethical Problems in Medicine

1987     Ian C. Roddie – Lymphatics : Active Pumps or Passive Tubes

1985     Patrick G. Collins – Whither Imaging

1982     Robert P. Towers – Screening for Disease -: Is it as Simple as it Sounds?

1980     M.I. Drury – The Problems of Brucellosis – Human, Animal and Mineral

1979     M.I. Drury – The Child is Father of the Man

1978     M.I. Drury – How Can Imaging Help Your Patient

1978     M.I. Drury – Fertility

1977     Alan D.H. Browne -Report of a Visit to China

1977     Alan D.H. Browne – The Entry System to Irish Medical Schools

1976    Alan D.H. Browne – Ireland’s Response to Global Medical Needs

1976     Alan D.H. Browne – The Role of the Academy in Irish Medical Life

1975     David Mitchell – Respiratory Disease: Current Diagnostic Trends

1974     David Mitchell – The Thalidomide Experience in Ireland

1973     David Mitchell – Autoimmunity

Presidential Lecture 2018, Professor J Conor O’Keane, Wednesday 21st Nov 2018

21/11/2018 7:00pm in Corrigan & Graves Halls, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Presidential Lecture 2017, Gerard Sheehan, Thursday 16th Nov 2017

16/11/2017 7:00pm in Corrigan & Graves Halls, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Presidential Lecture 2016, Timothy Lynch, Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016

23/11/2016 7:00pm in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2