Published Articles in Irish J Med Sci

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Cillian Clancy,  Patrick Jordan &  Paul F. Ridgway 

Polypropylene mesh and systemic side effects in inguinal hernia repair: current evidence


Kayleigh Griffiths,  Alexander P Maxwell,  Rachel V McCarter,  Patrick Nicol,  Ruth E Hogg,  Mark Harbinson &  Gareth J. McKay 

Serum amyloid A levels are associated with polymorphic variants in the serum amyloid A 1 and 2 genes


eoff McCombe,  Neasa Conneally,  Aine Harrold,  Ayesha Farooq Butt,  William Behan,  David Molony &  Walter Cullen 

How does the introduction of free GP care for children impact on GP service provision? A qualitative study of GPs


Ian Conrick-Martin,  Alan Gaffney,  Rory Dwyer,  Colman O’Loughlin,  Frances Colreavy &  on behalf of the Intensive Care Society of Ireland

Intensive Care Society of Ireland — Guidelines for management of the potential organ donor (2018—2nd edition)


Sadhbh O’Rourke,  Mary Meehan,  Désirée Bennett,  Nicola O’Sullivan,  Robert Cunney,  Patrick Gavin,  Roisin McNamara,  Noelle Cassidy,  Stephanie Ryan,  Kathryn Harris &  Richard Drew 

The role of real-time PCR testing in the investigation of paediatric patients with community-onset osteomyelitis and septic arthritis


David N. Johnston,  Fatemeh Keshtkar &  William Campbell 

The effect of re-audit and education on antibiotic prescribing practice at Causeway Hospital, Northern Ireland