Abstracts of General Practice

Olwyn E. Lynch,  Elaine J. Redmond,  Mohammud S. Inder,  Robert J. Flynn,  Arun Z. Thomas,  Lisa G. Smyth &  Rustom P. Manecksha

The utility of stent on strings in clinical practice


Peter McAnena,  Colm Neary,  Conor Doyle,  Michael J. Kerin,  Oliver J. McAnena &  Chris Collins 

Serial CRP levels following oesophagectomy: a marker for anastomotic dehiscence


Muhammad Fahad Ullah,  Christina A. Fleming,   Kenneth Mealy 

Patient satisfaction reporting—a cohort study comparing reporting of patient satisfaction pre- and post-discharge from hospital


Mohsin Muhktar,  Dearbhla Sherry,  Laura Keaver &  Catherine M. McHugh 

Metformin-induced B12 deficiency: still relevant today


Oratile Kgosidialwa,  Kieran Blake,  Oisin O’Connell,  Jim Egan,  Jim O’Neill &  Mensud Hatunic

Post-transplant diabetes mellitus associated with heart and lung transplant


Rohit Vijh,  James O’Connell,  Eoghan de Barra &  Samuel McConkey 

Evolving chronic disease management in HIV care in an era of improved long-term survival


M. Tomkins,  M. Okon,  M. Dunne,   W. Bourke 

Impact of a medical admissions proforma on the quality of medical admission documentation in a general acute hospital in Ireland


Ellen Horgan,  Susan Lawson &  Desmond O’Neill 

Oropharyngeal dysphagia among patients newly discharged to nursing home care after an episode of hospital care


Margaret J. Moran Stritch,  Frank Houghton,  Diane O’Doherty,  Derek McInerney &  Bruce Duncan 

Tobacco control and ‘plain packaging’: performativity, cigarettes and the semiotics of brand names


Patrick O’Donnell,  Diarmuid O’Donovan, Khalifa Elmusharaf

Social inclusion in the Irish health context: Policy and stakeholder mapping