Section President: Dr. John Lyne

Section Secretary: Dr. Eric Roche

Section Council Members: Prof. Mary Cannon; Prof. David Cotter

Representative on General Council:

At a General Council meeting of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland held on Friday, 24th November 1967 it was announced that an application for the formation of a fourteenth Section of the Academy in Psychiatry is likely to be made. A memorial, signed by thirty-nine Psychiatrists, requesting the General Council to consent to the formation of a Psychiatric Section of the Academy was discussed and agreed to, this being within the power of the General Council.  The election of a Sectional Council must await a General meeting and accordingly it was further agreed that a working party should represent the interests of the new Section until the date of the Annual General Meeting early in October of 1968.

The first BST/HST Competitions were held in 2018. Winners of both Competitions follows:

BST Competition

2019    Eimear McMahon

2018     Aoife O’Callaghan

HST Competition

2019    Mary Scriven

2018     David Mongan


Recipients of Medals in RAMI Section of Psychiatry Senior Registrar’s Prize                                                

2007   A. Lynch

2005   O. Buckley

2004   L. Browne

2003     L. Gallagher

2002     A. Denihan

2001     P. Scully

1999     S. Brown

1998     M. Cosgrave

1997     G. Swanwick

1996     C. Mulholland

1995     A. Lane

1994     E. Keenan

1993     M. Gannon

1991     P. Buckley


Recipients of Medals in RAMI Section of Psychiatry  Registrar’s                                                  

2013     D. J. Lundon

2008     K. O’Loughlin/ F. Sundram

2007     A. Lynch

2005     S. O’Brien

2004     F. Toal

2003     L. Spelman

2002     A. Meaney

2001     A. Curley

1999     E. Kenny

1998     A. Denihan

1997     B. Smyth

1996     P. Scully

1995     S. Brown

1994     G. Swanwick

1993     D. Cotter

1992     M. Cannon

1991     A. M. O’Dwyer

1990     R. Blennerhasset

1989     D. Walsh

1988     A. O’Donovan

1987     C. Lucey                                             










RAMI Research Awards, Wednesday 6th November 2019

06/11/2019 6:30pm in Corrigan & Graves Halls, RCPI, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

The Legacy of Franco Basaglia: From Asylum to Community, Thurs 17th Oct, 2019

17/10/2019 6:30pm in Italian Institute of Culture, Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin

Psychiatry Section HST & BST Competition, Thursday 30th May 2019

30/05/2019 6:00pm in Albert Theatre, RCSI, 123, St. Stephen


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Mugtaba Osman, Andrew C. Parnell, Clifford Haley

“Suicide shall cease to be a crime”: suicide and undetermined death trends 1970–2000 before and after the decriminalization of suicide in Ireland 1993


Keywords Suicide     Criminal Law     Ethics     Legislation     Ireland

D. Walsh, A. Daly, R. Moran

The institutional response to mental disorder in Ireland: censuses of Irish asylums, psychiatric hospitals and units 1844–2014


Keywords Psychiatric In-patients – Census – Institutionalisation – Psychiatric hospitals

A. S. Ciblis, M.-L. Butler, A. L. W. Bokde, P. G. Mullins, J. P. McNulty

The use of neuroimaging in dementia by Irish general practitioners


Keywords Dementia – General practice – Diagnosis – Neuroimaging – Access