Biomedical Sciences

Section President: Dr Katherine Howell, BSc Physiology Programme Co-Ordinator, Head of Teaching and Learning Physiology, Lecturer in Medicine, Teaching Fellow, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Room S066, Conway Institute, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4

Section Secretary: Dr Jeffrey Glennon, Ad Astra Fellow / Assistant Professor & Senior Conway Fellow, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Room S065, Conway Institute for Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4. Email:

History of the Section:

At a meeting of the General Council of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, held on Friday 22nd September 1961  Dr. T.A. Cunningham gave notice that at the Annual General Meeting, the Section of Anatomy and Physiology will propose a change in their title to the Section of Biological Section.  It was proposed by Dr. Cunningham and seconded by Dr. Mitchell.  Some years later, in February 1992 the Secretary of the Section of Biological Sciences requested that the Section be allowed to change to a more appropriate title of the Section of Biomedical Sciences. This was agreed upon unanimously.


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Donegan Medal Winners

2021     Danielle Nader

2017     Nicola Kavanagh (Joint winner)

2017     Deirdre Scully (Joint winner)

2016     Emily Ryan

2015     Hugh S. O’Neill

2014     Sinead Quinn

2013     F.E. O’Brien

2012     Eric Lucking

2011     Amro Widaa

2009     K. O’Hanlon

2008     R. Bechara

2007     R. O’Callaghan

2006     C. Holohan

2005     A. O’Connell

2004     E. Farrell

2003     F. McGillicuddy

2002     A. McMahon

2001     P. Carroll

2000     D. Houlihan

1999     E. Dunne

1998     T. Keane

1997     A. Fitzgerald

1996      J. Kilbride & K. A. Fitzgerald

1995     A. M. Aherne

1994     M. O’Rourke

1993     J. O’Neill

1992     K. D. O’Halloran

1991     E. Breslin

1990     P. Nolan

1998     J. Hegarty

1989     C. Bannon

1988     E. Stuart

1987     K.M. Bill & M. Gallagher

1986     A. C. G. Uprichard


Barcroft Medal Winners

2021     Anindya Mukhopadhya

2017     Bernard Drumm

2016     Sinead M. Ryan

2015     Alice C. O’Farrell

2014     Dara J Lundon

2013     Niamh M. Cooke

2012     RM O’Connor

2011     Sweta Rani

2010    Eric Downer

Short Communications Winners

2021     Glenn Fitzpatrick (Joint winner)

2021     Sarah Drummond (Joint winner)



Proceedings of the RAMI Section of Biomedical Sciences Annual Meetings, 2013- 2015.

RAMI Section of Biomedical Sciences: Annual Meeting 2012 14th June 2012
Section of Biomedical Sciences Annual Meeting 2011 22nd June 2011 TCD

SECTION OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES: Abstracts of the Annual Meeting 23–24 June 2010

Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Section of Biomedical Sciences. Annual Meeting 2009

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Yu Zhang,  Xiaoling Ye,  Xinyue Wan,   Tao Deng 

Serum lipase as a biomarker for early prediction and diagnosis of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis


John A. O’Kelly,  Usman M. Haroon,  Abdul J. Rauf,  Kieran J. Breen,  Barry B. McGuire,  Ijaz A. Cheema,  Liza McLornan &  James C. Forde 

Ureteric stenting with magnetic retrieval: an alternative to traditional methods


Md. Asadujjaman,  Sk. Nahid Al Noman &  Md. Babor Ali Molla 

Stature estimation from foot anthropometric measurements in Bangladeshi population