A word from the new President of the RAMI Odontology Section, Dr David McReynolds, click HERE

 Section President: Dr David McReynolds

Section Secretary: Dr Gabrielle O’Donoghue 

Section Council Members:

Representative on General Council:

The Section of Odontology was established in 1950. As with the other sections this section is governed by a President and council, and hold regular meetings at which members present cases.

Here is the opening address from the first meeting of the Odontology Section held on 11th October 1950:

President – G Yeates

Sectional Secretary -William Stokes, F.R.C.S.I.

The President (Mr. G. Yeates) : I am very glad indeed to see so many members of our profession at this inaugural meeting of the Section of Odontology of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. It is an auspicious and an important occasion. Some years ago a great need was felt amongst members of our profession for a truly instructive and scientific centre at which various subjects concerning our everyday work could be discussed: this led to the foundation of the Odontological Society.

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Recipients of RAMI Odontology (Dental) Section-Bronze Medal Prize Meeting

2019    Madeleine Edmonds

2018    Ioanna Politi

2017     Ayah Mohamed

2016     Emmet P Ryan

2015     Cian Henry

2014     Rachel O’Hagan

Odont0logy Meetings 

RAMI Odontology Meeting Tuesday 18th October 2022 re. The Spread of Dentoalveolar Infection, Dr. Eddie Fahy 

RAMI Odontology Meeting on Monday 11th April 2022 re. Optimising Anterior Fixed Restorations_Monday, Dr. Advan Moorthy

RAMI Odontology Meeting on Monday 15th November 2021 re. The Dental Management of the Head & Neck Cancer Patient


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Ahmed Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud,  Mohamed I Younis,  Christopher Holmes,  Amr Sallam,  Mohamed Gomaa Kamel,  Eugene Dempsey, Orla Mulhern 

Participation of the hospitals in the Republic of Ireland in international research over more than a decade: a bibliometric analysis


Richeal Ni Riordain, Sinead O’Dwyer, Christine McCreary

Burning mouth syndrome-a diagnostic dilemma


KEYWORDS Burning mouth syndrome; Diagnostic delay; Presenting symptoms

C Murphy, R. Hayes, M. McDermott, G. J. Kearns

Odontogenic myxoma of the maxilla: surgical management and case report