Rheumatology and Rehabilitation

At a meeting of the General Council of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, held on January 30th, 1970 a proposal to form a new Section of Rheumatological and Physical Medicine was discussed and doubts were expressed on the viability of such a new Section. It was decided to suggest further enquiry in the possibility of co-operation with the Section of Medicine and also to arrange for a pilot meeting in order to test the possible amount of support for a separate Section.

The General Council of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland in the year 1972 agreed to the formation of two new Sections – the Section of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation and the Section of Ophthalmology.



RAMI Research Awards, Wednesday 9th Nov 2016

09/11/2016 7:00pm in Royal College of Surgeons, 123, St. Stephen

Dermatology & Rheumatology Combined Sections Meeting, April 1988

08/04/1988 6:00pm in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 6, Kildare Street, Dublin 2


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E. O’Connell, M. G. Molloy

Concussion in rugby: knowledge and attitudes of players


Keywords Knowledge – Attitude – Concussion – Brain – Sports