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The Section of Surgery was one of the original sections of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, founded in 1882. The Section of Surgery replaced the Surgical Society of Ireland. The Section of Surgery is governed by a council and President. The section holds a series of monthly meetings from October to May where members present surgical cases.

Here is the opening address from the first meeting of the Surgical Section held on Friday, 8th December 1882:

President – John Kellock Barton, M.D., President R.C.S.I

Sectional Secretary -William Stokes, F.R.C.S.I.

The President, in opening the proceedings, remarked that the old Surgical Society of Ireland, which, for over fifty years, held its Sessions in that College, had voluntarily laid aside its separate individual existence in order to be foremost in supporting the new Academy as its Surgical Section. While the name of the Society was changed, it would, in all important and useful respects, remain the same as before, the organisation of which it formed part giving completeness to its work. In effecting the transformation little change had been made, the Council of the Society being the Council of the Section. A happy selection had been made as Secretary in the person of a gentleman whose interest in the Surgical Society was proved by his many contributions to it. For himself, he was President in virtue of his office as President of the College. Reviewing the history of the Surgical Society on the occasion of the new departure was suggestive of a funeral oration rather than a triumphant wedding song, which was more appropriate to its union with the Medical, Pathological, and Surgical Societies; and, therefore, in his Inaugural Address he preferred to institute a comparison between the system of clinical surgery pursued here, and that which obtained in Paris, Berlin, and Vienna. Dublin stood second to no other city in the thoroughness with which the students were trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. At the same time, little was done to clear up those disputed surgical problems which could be solved only by the powerful logic of accurate statistics.

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Recipients of the David Bouchier-Hayes “Innovations in Surgery” Medals in RAMI Section of Surgery           

2016     Emer O’Connell

2015     Ian Reynolds

2014     Conor O’Shea


Recipients of Medals in RAMI Section of Surgery                                                  

2013     D. J. Lundon

2010     H. Heneghen

2009     D. Coakley

2008     C. Pierce

2007     CF Healy

2006     F. Rowan

2005     D.G. Healy

2004     B. Barry

2003     R. Casey

2002     M. Joyce

2000     C. McDonnell

1999     E. Carton

1998     D. A. McNamara

1997     G. J. Fulton

1996     B. M. Flavin

1995     A. Lyons

1994     M. Barry

1993     D. A. O’Donovan

1992     O. Austin

1991     P. G. Horgan

1990     S. Cross

1989     R. C. Stuart

1988     R. C. Stuart

1987     P. Gillen

1986     P. Gillen

1985     K. Horgan

1984     P. C. Ryan

1983     B. Harding

1982     P. J. Broe

1981     T. F. Gorey

1980     D. Mehigan

1979     J. P. Duignan

1978     W. A. Tanner

1977     B. Donnelly

1976     J. Phillips

1975     B. Donnelly


Clinical Research Prize

2013     Dara J. Lundon


Clinical Case Competition

2012     Michael E. Kelly

2009     Ailbhe McDermott




RAMI Research Awards 2022_Monday 25th September 2023

25/09/2023 7:00pm in RCSI, 123, St Stephen Green, Dublin 2

RAMI Research Awards 2021 Winners_Tuesday 7th June 2022

07/06/2022 6:00pm in Royal College of Physicians of Ireland


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