Abstracts of Healthcare Management

Kenan Özler

The role of increased synovial fluid A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs4 and serglycin levels in osteoarthritis


Keywords ADAMTS4; Knee osteoarthritis; Serglycin;  Synovial fluid; WOMAC score 

Xuehui Liu, Jianping Zhang, Zhaowei Meng, Qiang Jia, Jian Tan, Guizhi Zhang, Xue Li, Na Liu, Tianpeng Hu, Pingping Zhou, Qing Zhang, Kun Song, Qiyu Jia

Gender impact on the correlations between Graves’ hyperthyroidism and hyperuricemia in Chinese


Keywords Gender; Graves’ disease (GD);  Hyperthyroidism;  Hyperuricemia;  Serum uric acid (SUA) 

Danielle C. McCollum, Olivia Mason, Mary B. Codd, Michael J. O’Grady

Management of type 1 diabetes in primary schools in Ireland: a cross-sectional survey


Keywords Children; Legislation; School; Type 1 diabetes 

Robert M. Kenyon, Eoghan Pomeroy, Robert Yeo, James P. Cashman

Consent documentation for elective orthopaedic surgery


Keywords Arthroplasty;  Consent;  Consent form; Documentation;  Elective surgery; Litigation; Orthopaedic 

Christopher Fenelon, Evelyn P. Murphy, Colum Downey, Brendan J. O’Daly, Michael Leonard

A growing problem: cycling referrals to the National Centre for Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Management in Ireland


Keywords Acetabular; Cost; Cycling; Fractures; Pelvis; Trauma

Lava Chalikonda, Nigel Phelan, John O’Byrne

An assessment of the quality of clinical records in elective orthopaedics using the STAR score


Keywords Electronic medical records; Medical note taking; STAR score