Abstracts of Neurological Sciences

N. Broderick, C. Farrell, N. Tubridy

Should we call the neurologist? The value and cost of a growing neurology consultation service


Keywords Neurology – Referrals – Inpatients – Consultations – Liaison

J. J. Dinn, N. O’Doherty

Congenital Type II fibre deficient myopathy


D. G. Shanik, P. J. Bradley, T. V. Keaveny

Surgical treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis


Multiple authors

Proceedings of a combined meeting with the Ulster Neuro-Psychiatric Society and the section of Neurology of the Royal academy of Medicine in Ireland, held in Belfast on 6th December, 1974


Fergal F. Nally, Shakir S. Al-Ubaidy

Paroxysmal trigeminal neuralgia: Review of 120 cases