Abstracts of Ophthalmology

Ahmed Abdelaal Ahmed Mahmoud,  Mohamed I Younis,  Christopher Holmes,  Amr Sallam,  Mohamed Gomaa Kamel,  Eugene Dempsey, Orla Mulhern 

Participation of the hospitals in the Republic of Ireland in international research over more than a decade: a bibliometric analysis


Patrick J. Murtagh,  Kirk A. Stephenson,  Maedbh Rhatigan,  Elizabeth M. McElnea,  Paul P. Connell &  David J. Keegan 

Rhegmatogenous retinal detachments: primary reattachment rates and visual outcomes over a 4-year period


atih Mehmet Türkcü,  Alparslan Şahin,  Ümit Karaalp,  Yasin Çınar,  Muhammed Şahin,  Zeynep Gürsel Özkurt &  Uğur Keklikçi 

Automated quantification of foveal avascular zone and vascular density in Behçet’s disease


Robbie S. R. Woods,  Qistina Pilson,  Natallia Kharytaniuk,  Lorraine Cassidy,  Rizwana Khan, Conrad V. I. Timon 

Outcomes of endoscopic orbital decompression for graves’ ophthalmopathy


mily Greenan,  Marisa Salim,  Daniel Nicholas Coakley &  Mark James

The effect of geodemographic factors on the attendance rates at a regional diabetic retinopathy treatment centre


S. Mullaney

Sir William Wilde and provision for the blind in nineteenth-century Ireland


Keywords William Wilde – Blindness – Nineteenth-century Ireland – Census – Ophthalmia

Multiple authors

Proceedings of the RAMI Section of Ophthalmology Meetings 2005–2015


Multiple authors

Ophthalmic Section Meetings, 31st March 2000 & 1st December 2000


Multiple authors

Ophthalmic Section Meetings, 4th November 1996


Multiple authors

Ophthalmic Section Meeting, 26th November 1999